Walker Homes FAQs

What to consider when remodeling a home?

Each project is different. Getting an accurate set of plans, and selecting your finishes (fixtures, tile, lighting, etc.) as quickly as possible will keep the project moving. These are the two of the most important things to determine the timeframe. In general a new home will take about 9 months, a full home remodel about 3 months, and a kitchen remodel about 6 weeks.

How do I select a General Contractor?

Find one that is recommended by someone you know, word of mouth, or check references. It is also important to like the people with whom you’ll be working. You will spend a lot of time interacting with whomever you choose during the construction process and the process will go a lot smoother if you like, respect, and have a good working relationship.

Why should I choose Walker Homes as Contractor?

Because we are experienced, detail oriented and committed to quality and customer service. We work hard to cultivate productive relationships with everyone we work with and put our client’s needs as our top priority. We are honest, fair, hard-working, and every day our goal is to maximize the value we bring to each project.

How do I begin a project with Walker Homes?

We are happy to consult with you over the phone about general construction costs. We can also help with architects and other resources. If you are ready to explore your building project a bit more, we can schedule a complimentary visit to your home or site to examine existing conditions and guide you on next steps. Just give us a call.

Do I need an architect?

We offer in-house drafting services. It keeps our overhead costs much lower than with a design/build format. We also partner with excellent architects that can deliver every level of a construction document if you would like a referral.

Do you build new custom homes?

Absolutely. That is our specialty.

What are the benefits of building a new custom home?

The benefits are numerous, but the biggest benefit for most people is choosing exactly what you want.

How does Walker Homes ensure that the construction process runs smoothly?

We schedule each job and share that schedule with everyone involved in the project including our clients. It is imperative that everyone knows what the schedule is and what is expected to keep the job running smoothly. By doing this from the beginning of the project everyone knows what’s happening and will help to keep the schedule on track. Time is money for everyone and everyone benefits from a well-run project, and that is what we do best!

What can I do to make the experience go smoothly?

We will work with you, prior to the start of construction, to make sure we have complete plans and material schedules for your project. We make sure we know what your expectations are before we start, that way all you have to do is enjoy watching your vision come to life. It is our job to make sure the entire process goes smoothly.

How much does it cost to remodel?

We work within your budget to get you the most house for your money. We are competitive with the other highly qualified builders in the area and would be happy to give you a price on your project. Just give us a call.